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The chart erected for the launch of this website shows a heavy influence from Aries.

ARIES: Astrology for Recruitment and Identification of Employment Skills

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. It is the sign of leadership. Thanks to the revolutionizing concept of of AstroTwin, is the market leader in categorization according to birth chart - be it a profession or any other category, of which a sufficiently large number of charts is available.

The creation of AstroTwin is a turning point in history. With AstroTwin astrology has become a serious competitor to modern DNA analysis in more than one way. With DNA analysis you can derive a huge amount of information from a small piece of a biological entity. In a similar way you can use AstroTwin to derive a huge amount of information about a person or an object from a few facts: Birth time, date and place together with information about 5 major events in the entity's life - the so-called rectification events.

300 years ago astrology was kicked out of the universities and was no longer recognized as a science. Thanks to AstroTwin a new era is dawning for astrology. I performs ongoing tests of AstroTwin, but these internal tests are not sufficient to prove astrology beyond doubt. External blind tests are needed, but apart from volunteers they require resources such as time and money.

The technology behind AstroTwin is twofold: Rectification of charts and neural networks technology. Rectification, which is the process of finding the exact, cosmic birth time from information about major events in the individual's life, requires a skilled astrologer, it is not something that can be automated or done by a computer programme. Neural networks are by their very nature automated.

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